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General Rental Conditions

Article 1 :

USE OF VEHICLE: the rental is personal and is not transmissible in any case, the tenant agrees not to let the car drive by other people against them-accredited by the Chartered loueur.les drivers act as tenant representative, which becomes entirely responsible for the vehicle as soon as it was supported. The tenant 'forbidden to participate in any rally, racing, competitions or other events of any nature whatsoever, as well as to the try or also forbidden to travel outside motorable. The tenant agrees not to use the vehicle for illegal purposes to transport persons in return for payment and do not take him out of Morocco. It also undertakes not to tow a trailer or similar vehicle, has no change of the vehicle, has not let in any case the traffic securities therein, used at each stop locking systems and protection.


Article 2 :

STATE OF THE VEHICLE : the vehicle is delivered to the tenant in perfect condition and body, with accessories normaux.les meters are sealed and the seals may not be removed or violated under penalty of paying a distance of 500 km per rental day . The vehicle will be returned in the same condition that has its departure. Otherwise the tenant must pay the amount of the reclamation. The kilometer charged are those specified by the counter and the rental prices reflect the normal tolerance build its appareils.les five tires are in good from Ã, "state. In case of damage to one of them, for any reason other than normal wear, or loss of one of them the tenant agrees to replace it immediately with another tire of the same dimensions of the same make and wear equally sensitive.


Article 3 :

FUEL AND LUBRICANTS : the supply of fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. It must constantly check the levels of oil and water and made at intervals specified by the manufacturer lubrication (including audits of the levels of gear box and the bridge) and drain the engine / he justify its work by the relevant invoices stating the number of mileage readings to the meter when the car is delivered .the new tenant undertakes to perform the required revisions by an official agent of the vehicle brand. This will be refunded on supporting him


Article 4 :

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS. Exchanges repairs parts or tires resulting from normal wear shall be borne by the lessor, those resulting from normal wear, accidental or undetermined negligence remain in charge of the tenant and will be carried out without delay by the renter: their amount will be increased capital allowances provided to the article7.dans one and the other case, if the vehicle is stopped outside the cities or RIYOU CARS has an office, the tenant will load some of its works or supply an official agent of the kind of vehicle after written or telegraph of the lessor, and shall demand a detailed paid invoice and the defective parts replaced.


Article 5 :

INSURANCE penny reserve the performance of its obligations under this agreement, the tenant is guaranteed:
a) without limitation, against the financial consequences of its liability was due to accidents caused to third parties within the limits set by the Insurance Code . Are excluded from this guarantee the tenant and drivers as well as their joint ancestors, direct descendants, employees in the performance of their duties. Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply when the vehicle is carrying more occupants that it includes spaces shown on the certificate of insurance.
b) against theft and fire vehicle, less the deductible expected costs, and excluding clothing and any objects transporté guarantee cheek in case of vehicle theft by a tenant of the attendant or one of its representatives.
c) Against damage to the rented vehicle, beyond the franchise as mentioned below: 3000 dhs for vehicle groups A and F 4500 dhs for a vehicle of the F and G
d) insurance of passengers. The customer may take out insurance for persons transported him and vehicle passengers, with additional insurance (refer to the rates in effect on the brochure RIYOU CARS. Tenant automatically subrogated the lessor's rights for the year of recourse against third parties for property damage: any compensation obtained is used first to reimbursement to the lessor charges having been able to stay in office, the balance back to the tenant .the costs and fees incurred for the recovery of the allowance are paid by the tenant and the landlord in proportion to their're back. excluded from the warranty any accident occurring to objects or goods transported, or caused by its objects or marchandises.les insurance above are in effect for the duration of rental stipulé.si the tenant keeps the car beyond without regularize its position under the conditions laid down in Article loses the benefit of all planned guarantees in the contract. N There is no insurance for any driver not having a driver's license is in force. Finally, forfeits guarantees theft, fire and damage to the vehicle (if the guarantee is acquired by written agreement as prescribed above), a driver in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of alcohol and recognized as such in the police report or gendarmerie. The tenant agrees to declare to the renter within 48 hours, and immediately to the authorities, police any accident, theft or fire, even partial, under penalty of being deprived of the benefit of insurance .sa statement must necessarily include the circumstances , date and time, location, the number of the officer, a police report or bailiff outside the major cities, the names and addresses of witnesses, as well as information on the opponent, he shall in no case discuss the responsibility, or treat or deal with third parties in the accident. The tenant agrees to communicate immediately to the renter has reçues scratch after a crash and any information useful.


Article 6 :

- the amount of rent and payment of prepayment are determined by current rates and payable in advance. The prepaid payment may be used in any case has a lease extension .In order to avoid disputes and to case the tenant wants to keep the car for superior time that indicated on the rental document, he shall, after obtaining the consent of the owner, pay the amount of the additional period before the expiry of the current rental under penalty of exposing a prosecution for misappropriation of vehicles and breach of trust. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any day started is due .the lessor reserves without being held in justification or compensation, to terminate at any time to hire or reject the extension by paying the tenants' applicable, the amount days not used. The return of the car in the garage or in the owner's office should be performed during working hours, otherwise it will be for the tenant to attend the reception the next day opening, this check being up against it as if it were contradictory. The owner is not responsible for items left by the tenant in the car. The tenant formally abandoning the vehicle without obtaining the written consent of the lessor. Otherwise, the car will be repatriated at the expense of the tenant in the care of the lessor, leasing continuing to run until the return of the car; End rental, possibly the balance payment by the tenant must be made no later than 48 hours. Otherwise it will have to pay the lessor addition repeatable fees and default interest, a fixed flat rate allowance is 20% of the remaining money owed of penalty clauses.


Article 7 :

DOCUMENT OF THE CAR.. The lessee will provide the lessor of the back of the car, all traffic related titles has it, otherwise, the lease will continue to be charged to his original price, up to production of a certificate of loss and settlement duplicate charges.




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